Website development


When employed as Chief Marketing Officer with WBP Group, the company's new strategy and rebrand called for several new websites, each designed with the unique requirements of the customer segment in mind. The WBP Group website - the head group for all WBP brands, carters to potential and existing employees, shareholders and those interested in [...]

Front covers – Domain (The Age) and Real Estate (The Herald Sun)


Attaining front covers and feature stories in two of Australia's leading news publications was no mean feat. The image shows WBP's then CEO, Greville Pabst, on the cover of both Domain (The Age) and Real Estate (The Herald Sun). The covers resulted from ongoing relationships with key industry media and was beneficial for brand exposure.

Branding collection


In 2017, my then employer WBP Group embarked on a multi-faceted rebrand - a project that encompassed not only a new look and website, but a structural change to the organisation. My team and I worked with a branding agency to establish the new brand aesthetics for three seperate brands under the WBP Group umbrella. [...]